The software platform ISI® (Intelligent Systems Interoperability) enables the orchestration of diverse robotic systems. Thanks to this solution developed by AKEROS, it is finally possible to make ERP, manufacturing units and robotic cells all communicate in a common supervision architecture.

By making these systems work together, the SMART TOWER SYSTEM will be able to carry out storage, sorting, unclamping, tapping, drilling and order picking operations that can be combined and configured in real time.

The LUCAS Sheet Metal Workshop 4.0 has integrated this technology in order to :

  • Synchronise production jobs and tasks in real-time
  • Ensure process continuity and scheduling
  • Obtain a continuous data flow
  • Analyze the production cycle
  • Optimize processes

This product, that supports the new generation of production scheduling, is a business key to industrial management.

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  • Smooth integration of new robotic systems
  • Intuitive operator interface
  • Modular and scalable features
  • Possible on-site solution deployment
  • Secure solution