Eazy Bending


Produced in partnership with Jean Perrot, a major player in the field of bending, this module including a polyarticulated or semi-cartesian 6-axis bending robot allows the automation of the press brake by giving it a great deal of autonomy, while preserving total accessibility in case of manual mode. The tools are stored in one or more pallets inside the tower (48mm of tools/pallet).

The system has the capacity to bend long lengths of heavy parts (> 300 kg, 4mx2m format). The offline bending programming software defines the bending range, tools and grippers to be used.

Note that different trades can be present on the same tower (Easy Bending+ Smart Sorting).

Test the configurationRequest tecnical sheet

  • Optimisation of the robot’s bending time, so that it stops as little as possible.
  • Possibility of working manually with access to the pallet at any time, allowing the operator to work on it.
  • Modularity: possibility of adding the function to an existing tower.
  • Automatic tool change carried out by the robot.
  • Relocation and part control by camera for traceability and guaranteed quality.