Smart Driller


This machine allows the finishing of laser-cut sheets: tapping, counterboring, milling, thus avoiding manual reworking and handling on a third-party machine. The finishing operations are located by holes or engravings previously made by laser cutting in order to preserve the precision of the parts. The module is compatible with all types of lathes (Eazycompact or storage).

Test the configurationRequest tecnical sheet

  • Powerful machining spindle and on-board tool changer for high production efficiency.
  • Tool breakage detection and camera quality control before each operation.
  • Job report for optimal traceability on high value parts and quality assurance for customers.
  • Possibility to work in manual mode with operator access at any time around the parts drawer.
  • Modularity: possibility to add the function to an existing tower
  • Compatible with ISI-Prod planning software.