From cutting to storage, through bending and/or painting, the Sheet Metal Workshops 4.0 was designed to manufacture sheet metal parts by the unit or in small quantities in order to increase productivity.

This vision has resulted in a series of modular industrialised machines combining a storage system, a business system and an operating analysis tool for automated, quality production in an optimised time.

These automated systems are based on the capacity of the handling machines to follow the maximum rhythm of the production machines, thus allowing a rapid return on investment for our customers.

Whatever the chosen configuration, it will be possible to develop the system by adding additional machines according to the evolution of our customers’ activity (modularity, mechanics, automation, IT).

  1. 01 Eazy Compact
  2. 02 Smart Stack
  3. 03 Smart Driller
  4. 04 Smart Sorter
  5. 05 Eazy Bending